Lake Benton Minnesota
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Lake Benton, Minnesota Tours & Museums

Learn about the history of Lake Benton. Several tours and museums are available during your stay at Capital Cove Cabin. 

Lake Benton Minnesota Opera House

Historic Opera House

The Lake Benton Opera House, one of the premier historic buildings in southwest Minnesota, is home to an active community theatre. The Opera House has begun its second century in the community. Built in 1896, you can walk through the history of theatre in Lake Benton. A personal guide can give an insight into the history and unique qualities that placed the theatre on the National Registry of Historic Buildings. Visit online: 


Lake Benton MN Log House

Lundberg Log House

Visit the beautiful log home of Kendall and Treava Lundberg. Treava is a performing musician and vocalist and has performed to capacity crowds all over the Midwest. The home was built 1982-1985 and is made of 244 logs. Enjoy a special performance from this inspirational musician. Please allow a minimum of one hour. Cost $5/person. 


Lake Benton MN Honey Farm

Andersen Honey Farm

See the miracle of nature, bees making honey right before your eyes. A unique experience for the young and young at heart. Take a walk through a 100-year-old home where the honey is bottled. You can also purchase the honey! Please allow a minimum of 45 minutes. The cost is $2/person.


Lake Benton MN Heritage Center

Heritage & Windpower Learning Center of SW Minnesota

Learn about the unique history of Lake Benton and the benefits of wind power technology. The facility offers a glimpse of the past through museum displays and also features a wind garden with interactive exhibits to educate about turbines. You will get to walk under a turbine to hear the gentle swooshing of the blades.

Open  10 a.m. - 5p.m. Monday - Friday to the public. Open on Saturdays and Sundays by special appointment only. Special hours for large groups. 


Lake Benton Minnesota Pioneer Cabin

Snyder Pioneer Cabin

When you visit Hole in the Mountain Park, you will find the Snyder family cabin remaining from the first settlement in Lake Benton in 1860. Driving east of this location, you pass Snyder's Flats. In 1888, it was the site of the GAR Civil War Encampment, at which time over 5,000 visitors came by special trains from all over the Midwest. Today we hold our "Benton-Freemont Days, Te Tonka Ha Rendezvous and Hehdoka Knap-In" at this location. 

Lake Benton MN

Pioneer Dugout & Trading Post

High in the hills -- about 2,000 feet above sea level -- you can see the entire valley, the lake, parks, prairies and wind towers. In this high park area is found the remains of an early dugout cabin which was the home for the William Taylor family in the 1860s. Also found here is the site of Major Brown's Trading Post, which dates from the 1860s. If you are looking for history and beauty, Lake Benton is a great location for a summer family vacation!