Lake Benton Minnesota
Capital Cove Cabin

Grocery Stores Near Lake Benton, Minnesota

Make your trip a bit easier. If you prefer not to travel with food, several grocery stores are just minutes from Capital Cove Cabin. 

Lake Benton Minnesota Grocery Store

Lake Benton Grocery

A fantastic local, fully stocked grocery store featuring meats, produce and fresh bakery items.


104 E Benton St, Lake Benton, MN 56149 

Lake Benton MN Groceries

Veires Standard Station & Mini Mart

This gas station and mini-mart is centrally located and is guaranteed to have what you need. Get your Minnesota fishing licenses and bait here.


117 Benton St W, Lake Benton, MN 56149 

Lake Benton Minnesota Grocery Center

Maynard's Food Center

Excellent, high-quality products at low prices - Maynard's Food Center delivers that and more. Take advantage of special discounts, competitive prices and a large selection of fresh, delicious produce and meat.


156 N Tyler St, Tyler, MN 56178 

Lake Benton Minnesota Bar

Lake Benton Bar & Off-Sale

Stop in and enjoy a relaxing environment with several big-screen TVs and enjoy drinks and food at the full-service bar and lounge. Also, check out the great prices and selection available for off-sale.


114 N Center St, Lake Benton, MN 56149